At INOV8 Surgical, our surgeons utilize the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. We work closely with the most innovative and cutting-edge health care technology companies around the world.
Corin OPS™
The Corin OPS™ is a specialized imaging technology which helps your surgeon plan and design your total hip replacement surgery specific to your individual anatomy. The OPS™ (Optimized Positioning System) uses pre-operative functional imaging to create a detailed analysis of the way your hip moves during different daily activities. This analysis provides the surgeon critical information on how to optimize the position of your new hip replacement to suit the unique way in which your body moves. During your surgery, a patient-specific delivery system using 3D imaging and laser guidance is used to accurately align and place the prosthesis into the planned position.
OrthoSensor VERASENSE™
Orthosensor VERASENSE™ is a wireless orthopedic sensor device used during primary and revision total knee replacement procedures that enables surgeons to more accurately achieve precise implant position and balance soft tissue. The result for the patient is better range of motion, improved knee function and long-term success and satisfaction with the implant.

During your total knee replacement (arthroplasty), your surgeon uses the VERASENSE™ sensor to replace the standard tibial trial spacer. As the knee is taken through its full range of motion, the sensor sends real-time data to a monitor in the operating room, which your surgeon uses to make more accurate decisions regarding soft tissue adjustments and implant position. Proper soft tissue balance and precise implant placement are vital in achieving superior outcomes for the patient and a higher rate of satisfaction with the knee implant over a longer period of time.
Bodycad Unicompartmental Knee System
Bodycad’s revolutionary Unicompartmental Knee System is designed to optimize custom restorations of each patient’s unique anatomical features and kinematics. Each knee implant is created based on a proprietary 3D rendering of the patient’s anatomy. By using the Bodycad system, our surgeons can optimize the design of each knee implant based on the patient’s unique anatomical needs. This helps preserve bone and soft tissue, provides an unconstrained design for a full range of motion, and offers a unique and accurate resection solution.
Bodycad Unicompartmental Knee System
THINK Surgical TSolution One® Surgical System
The TSolution One® Total Knee Application combines two exclusive innovations in total joint replacement surgery. The system consists of TPLAN®, a 3D pre-surgical planning workstation and TCAT®, the active robot. The pre-surgical planning allows the surgeon to design and prepare, in a virtual environment, the patient’s unique joint replacement plan using a choice of implant options. Total joint replacement surgery involves removing the diseased knee joint and replacing it with a joint implant. During the joint replacement surgery, the surgeon implements the patient’s pre-planned procedure using the active robot, which prepares the joint according to the surgeon’s plan for precise placement of implants.
Intellijoint HIP®
Intellijoint HIP® is a 3D miniature optical navigation device that provides your surgeon with accurate, real-time measurements during surgery to ensure proper selection and positioning of your new hip implant. A miniature camera and tracker are used to accurately determine the cup position, leg length and hip offset. The use of the Intellijoint HIP® device helps prevent hip instability, implant loosening, leg length inequality, premature implant wear and the necessity for subsequent revision hip surgery.

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